Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Telapprise do?

Telapprise is the unbiased team trilingual in the languages of telecom. We were founded in 2002 in San Jose, California, after years spent learning the ins and outs of the telecom industry. This native knowledge allows us to offer a flexible range of services that help bring visibility and clarity to organizations that want freedom from the chaos of telecom management.

Telapprise has identified six distinct telecom processes around which our services are offered. Our six core service areas are: telecom audit and assessment, asset and contract management, telecom expense management (TEM), change management, crisis management and independent carrier agency services. We have expertise in all six of these areas and can be your single point of contact for any or all of them. We deliver our services as a telecom consultancy, with customers being able to choose from an ‘a la carte menu of options.

Who does Telapprise help?

Our services benefit organizations of any size. We work with clients ranging from small business to the Global Fortune 500. Our typical client is US-based with multiple global locations and has between $25,000 and $250,000 a month in telecom expenses, but we have flexibility to offer services outside of this range as well.

How is Telapprise different?

Taking control of one’s telecom operation is increasingly important to organizational efficiency. What sets Telapprise’s offering apart is that we are fluent in all the languages of telecom. We have defined six telecom processes, which range from daily operations to moments of crisis and have expertise in working through the details at any step. Our native knowledge also means that we can keep the dialogue flowing between your own internal stakeholders (IT, Finance and Procurement), and with external stakeholders who are critical to your telecom success (carriers and systems integrators), so that all partners are working toward a common goal. We are also your independent carrier services agent who can help ensure that when you embark on the process of selecting a carrier, you receive unbiased guidance and counsel as well as the best rates and services available from a pool of over 60 providers.

What do you mean by trilingual?

When we say trilingual, we mean that we are fluent in the different technical and business languages used for premise-based systems, carriers and expense management. Our expertise in working across these boundaries allows us to translate the chaos into streamlined telecom efficiency.

What makes telecom management so painful?

There’s no doubt that managing telecom operations can be a difficult undertaking. The process of defining a business need, filling that need with a telecom service, and managing its initial and ongoing implementation is comprised of many steps that can result in confusion and error. Telapprise has expert knowledge at every point in this “lifecycle of pain” and can help prevent and resolve any issues that arise.