Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Pay for what you need. Save on what you don’t – including all that infrastructure.

Cloud services from Telapprise grant you access to all the telecom applications and services you need, without the headaches and capital costs associated with deploying and managing your own infrastructure.

Are you ready to get your head in the cloud? Some of the benefits of cloud services include:

  • Improve agility:
    Add services and features. Scale to support new hires. And manage it all from a single dashboard accessible via any internet connection.
  • Spread out costs:
    With cloud services, you pay as you go rather than investing in any expensive in-house equipment and the staff to manage it.
  • Broaden accessibility:
    Ensure your remote and mobile workers are always connected by extending voice, SMS, and email access wherever there’s an internet connection.
  • Free up staff:
    Headcount is hard to come by. With cloud services from Telapprise, your team stays focused on strategic work while we handle day-to-day telecom support.
  • Improve continuity:
    With your telecom infrastructure, data storage and more housed in a third-party location, your business communications remain active even during an emergency. 

Why build it yourself? With cloud services from Telapprise, you only pay for the services and applications you use. That way you cut costs on telecom without sacrificing the features your business demands.