Hosted vs. Premise

Hosted vs. Premise

Hosted or on-premise? Each has its benefits. Which is right for you?

Today, you have a choice when it comes to your telecom system. Will you host your PBX with a third party, or will you build out a premise-based PBX?

Each solution has its unique advantages, and one may be better for your unique business environment and needs. Here are a few benefits of hosted telephony:

  • Disaster recovery:
    Is voice uptime truly critical for your business? A hosted PBX enables employees to work from anywhere on any device, so your lights stay on in emergencies.
  • Simple scalability:
    A hosted PBX offers simple addition of features and simplifies moves, adds, and changes.
  • Reduced staffing:
    People are one of your most expensive investments. Hosted PBX allows you to maintain service levels with less investment in executional IT headcount.
  • Predictable pricing:
    A hosted PBX simplifies budgeting thanks to a fixed cost per user and included maintenance and software upgrades.

 And here are some benefits of investing in the infrastructure and staff for your own premise-based PBX system:

  • Total cost of ownership:
    The upfront costs of an on-premise PBX are high. However, the investment pays off over time – often in as little as a few years.
  • Greater control:
    With a hosted solution, you yield control of software updates to your provider. You may not always want to risk disrupting your business by upgrading to a newer version.
  • Strategic flexibility:
    A hosted PBX gives highly-fluid businesses more flexibility to maintain pace with demand or change course with shifts in strategy.
  • Specialist support:
    Today’s specialized workers often break the one-size-fits-all mold. An in-house PBX helps you meet the demands of workers with unique needs.

 Which set of benefits is right for you? The choice is yours – and we can help you sort it all out.