Virtualization of Voice Networks

Consolidate your server footprint to reduce telecom expenses.

Virtualization of voice networks continues to prove itself as a go-to means of increasing responsiveness, strengthening disaster recovery plans, and most importantly reducing telecom expense.

What kind of savings should one expect? Some organizations report over 60% reduction in the total cost of hardware, software, and day-to-day operations thanks to virtualization projects. And they enjoy those cost reductions without sacrificing the flexibility so vital to supporting a dynamic modern organization.

No wonder virtualization of voice networks is hot. Here are few more reasons:

  • Fewer servers to buy.
    By deploying virtual machines and dynamically scaling as necessary, your investment in physical servers drops dramatically.
  • Lower operating costs.
    With fewer physical servers in your data center, you can spend less on real estate, cooling, and server management and administration.
  • Faster deployment.
    Accelerate deployment – from your software and voice applications to additional virtual machines. Virtualization helps you deploy what you need when you need it.
  • Greater stability.
    Virtual machines are easy to transition to off-site recovery facilities. This improves business continuity and disaster recovery when the unexpected strikes.

Improve technology availability and responsiveness. Optimize energy consumption. And dramatically reduce total cost of ownership. With voice network virtualization from Telapprise, you can have it all.