Tablet Security

Tablet Security

Tablets offer new competitive advantages and pose new security risks.

From the Apple® iPad® to the Samsung Galaxy Tab® and the Microsoft® Surface™, tablets hold incredible promise for organizations seeking to properly arm workers in the field and empower employees with non-traditional working styles. Of course, they also pose a unique set of security challenges.

When it comes to tablet security, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. An organization distributing company-owned tablets will address these challenges differently than one supporting a Bring Your Own Device environment. Regardless of your deployment, here are a few questions to consider:

  • How do I discriminate between work and personal content?
    This key challenge of IT consumerization is heightened by the personal utility and storage capacity of tablets.
  • How do I provide secure access to internal networks?
    Remote workers need reliable, secure access to the network. Thus, you must consider how tablets will impact your VPN.
  • How do I maintain software integrity and manage updates?
    Old versions can expose security gaps, and consumers are often slow to update software downloaded from the app store.
  • How do I protect sensitive data in the event of loss or theft?
    The next time an employee leaves a tablet in the back of a taxi, your intellectual property could drive off with it.

We can help you answer these questions and more without bias toward a single solution or tech vendor. That’ll keep your enterprise secure and your tablet-toting employees productive in the office, in the field, and at home.