Translating Telecom Chaos
into Streamlined Efficiency

Unbiased and trilingual in the languages of cloud, telecom, and IT services,
we are your single source for the procurement and management of cloud
and telecom services, systems integrators, and associated expenses.
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Eliminate the Telecom Lifecycle of Pain
Your technology landscape is ever-changing.

Multiple vendors, ever-changing telecom and cloud requirements, and the addition of new IT projects can lead to technology chaos. Telapprise is your single source to ensure your infrastructure is not only created from the right solutions but also the most value-driven approach for your business.


Define business need.
Identify types of services and potential providers.


Research providers,
compare solutions, and determine constraints.


Assist clients with a view
of marketplace pricing and terms with negotiation.


Migrate information & manage knowledge transfer


Management coordination and
communication during the implementation process.

Billing & Payment
Billing & Payment

Account management,
including approval workflow and bill review.

Change Management
Change Management

Manage disconnects
and/or service moving process.


Expense management software
to enhance otherwise difficult reporting.

Do You Have Full Visibility into Your Telecom Inventory
To Make Educated and Informed IT Decisions?

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint or foundation, so why build a network or migrate carriers without knowing exactly what you have? Our Baseline Assessment provides full visibility into the services that you are utilizing today from an inventory and contractual perspective, providing critical information for making strategic decisions, meeting business goals and understanding requirements supported by these services.

Better Visibility & Control

A 360˚ view of telecom services, contracts, & expenses provides a detailed matrix of current telecom, cloud, & IT landscape.

Detailed Analysis & Verification

Comprehensive analysis of each contract, office location, & telecom service reveals errors, overcharges & other important inefficiencies.

Optimized Contracts & Rates

Competitive quotes & renegotiated contracts help optimize rates & eliminate underutilized, inefficient services & contracts alike.

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Comprehensive Telecom Solutions
Provided Through Six Service Areas

Our history of being in the Systems Integration market and providing Telecom Lifecycle
Management services allows us to speak from not only a technical perspective but also a
business perspective. Our approach is not is business solution driven.

Baseline Assessment

Analysis of all voice and data services by assessing inventory and contracts, identifying optimization opportunities and more.

OptiMax TEM

Management and procurement of telecom contracts, inventory, billing for wireline, wireless and cloud services.


A la carte consulting provides a full range of technology review change management, project design, development and implementation.

BaseView Asset Management

Asset and contract management web portal matched with subscription and on-demand professional services.


Business Process Outsourced (BPO) services providing support for trouble tickets and MACDs for wireline, wireless, cloud services and more.

Telecom & Cloud Services

Value-added independent telecom agent services for 100+ domestic, international and specialty telecom vendors.