Making the Move to the Cloud

It’s happening everywhere: From manufacturing and service organizations, to government agencies, organizations are looking for ways to save money on their communications systems while making their businesses more efficient. From data storage to applications including phone and e-mail systems, cloud computing providers offer a variety of appealing benefits.

This move to the cloud is expected to not only save businesses time and money, but it has another significant benefit: Employees can work from literally anywhere and still provide seamless service to customers.

However, as soon as most businesses begin the process of converting data and applications to the cloud, they realize the project is bigger than they realized. One of the hurdles most businesses encounter is the realization that they don’t have all the information about their existing systems that they need to tackle the project.

Confusion occurs most often in these two areas:

  • Knowing what they already have in terms of:
    • hardware
    • contracts with carriers
    • technology infrastructure
    • multimedia applications that will be affected by a new network
  • Understanding current spending โ€” many businesses just don’t have good visibility into the accuracy of their telecom billing and the full costs of their systems.

These are the two most critical items that can impede an organization’s ability to make effective decisions about implementing new technologies or processes. Plus, progress on upgrades may be significantly impeded by overlapping or conflicting contracts with multiple telecom providers.

Some organizations try to circumvent the problems by implementing new technology into their business without addressing underlying issues. But that approach is like constructing a building without a blueprint โ€” walls might go up before the foundation does, which can cause a complete mess and a crumbling building in the end.

It’s understandable, of course. Many businesses are anxious to reap the benefits associated with cloud computing. Tackling the complexity is tricky, because businesses typically want to make upgrades with the lowest up-front investment possible. However, the lowest-cost solution isn’t a good one if it won’t work.

For example, if you hastily move your data to a cloud environment without first ensuring that your network will allow you to quickly and efficiently access that data, you will not only have wasted money on the upgrade but you may end up introducing critical problems into your infrastructure.

Implementation must be handled through a well-planned process to avoid such problems and ensure that all your systems work together effectively when the process is complete.

Having expert help with the decision can make a big difference for a business. Although there will always be potential hiccups in any technology change, tapping into the experience of an independent consultant can ensure that you identify and avoid those potential problems before they happen.

If you’re considering making the move to the cloud, seek out an independent expert who has:

  • Broad knowledge of providers and their specialties and capabilities โ€” An expert that works with numerous vendors can recommend the most appropriate choices and plan for contingencies.
  • Deep knowledge of how to create an implementation that works and delivers ROI over the long-term for your business. An expert that knows which steps to anticipate and understands your business from all angles can help you wade through a sea of marketing promises and find the vendor that truly delivers what your business needs.
  • The ability to provide unbiased recommendations for creating the customized solution that your business needs using the technology and providers that are best for you. Your expert should have relationships with multiple vendors and an ongoing knowledge of the vendor’s status in the marketplace and ability to carry out plans in your time frame.

Telapprise has experts knowledgeable in all aspects of cloud computing. Contact us at to learn more about your options and how we can help you make the move to the cloud cost-effectively and quickly.