Will VoIP Save You Money?

Our customers often ask this question: If I put in a IP-PBX phone system, will I save money?

The simple answer is, you could, if you approach the conversion from traditional phone lines in a smart, methodical way.

On the surface, Voice over IP (VoIP) — IP-based phone systems — seem like a great idea. VoIP systems can reduce or eliminate charges for intra-office calls, and managing IP-PBXs can be easier and more cost efficient than managing traditional TDM based PBXs. Plus, users can receive voice and email from anywhere through devices such as smart phones or laptops.

It’s critical, however, that you take a good look at your existing infrastructure before making any changes.


  • Will our existing infrastructure support this new technology? If not, what changes must be made?
  • Do we have any contractual obligations with phone carriers that could erase the cost-savings we might see from VoIP?
  • Will users — customers and employees — really get the quality and reliability they expect from us?

Before you talk to any vendors, be sure you clearly understand your infrastructure so that you can ask critical questions of the vendor. And let the vendor show you how it can work with your needs — don’t let them talk you into retrofitting your system to fit their product.

The best way to tackle any telecom upgrade is to get complete information from an unbiased consultant who can give clear, expert advice on the best way to proceed.

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