Biggest Questions to Ask Before Acquiring a Call Center Solution

Technology implementation is a chief source of concern for businesses. Pick the right vendor solution, and the company can quickly achieve its goals. Pick the wrong solution, and costs can skyrocket while results remain stale. Purchases must be made with an eye on how the system will operate now and in the foreseeable future.
Call center implementation is a major technology decision that can easily break a company should an incorrect decision be made. The call center is often the backbone of a business as this is a first line interaction with the customer base. The high cost of call center implementation translates to the necessity to get it right the first time.  The solution will need to work now and into the future with a return on investment measured on efficiency versus cost.
There are four key questions that must be asked before finalizing a call center implementation:
1. Will your current technology be sufficient?
In order to adopt a call center solution, critical questions must be asked. Will the current system need to be upgraded to work with the current system or can it be implemented with current technology. Unexpected system upgrades can lead to significant cost expenditures.
2. What are the non-financial costs?
Financial concerns are only the tip of the resource pyramid. Will the call center solution require additional time for administrative or technical staff? Set up time and costs can be significant as new technology is implemented. A hosted call center can alleviate costs by reducing infrastructure requirements and information technology staffing requirements.
3. Will the solution scale as needs evolve?
A major consideration for all technology adoption is the ability to scale as the needs of the organization evolves. Can the workload be doubled without requiring a major upgrade? The ability to use the same system over time regardless of volume changes will allow the company the ability to grow without worrying about a change in infrastructure.
4. How soon can the system “Go Live”?
Call center deployments can be a lengthy process. Having to wait upwards of a year to fully implement a call center solution will set the organization back while competitors capitalize on the missed opportunities. With a developed cloud based system, deployment is often immediate. The ability to “go live” as quickly as possible leads to increased opportunities to develop the market base and secure customer acquisition.