Internet on the Go: Your Best Options

If you’re running an Internet-based business you probably need to be on-line at all times. It’s vital that you monitor your business as actively as possible so that you can respond immediately when necessary. It is also important, when building an on-line presence, that you actually be present as much as possible.
Just because you need to be available to your business and your customers at all times, though, it doesn’t follow that you need to be tied to your desk 24/7. In the early days of Internet commerce when your only options were dial-up and eventually wired broadband, being on-line meant being at your desk. These days there are a couple of viable options that will let you maintain your on-line activities wherever you go, and whenever you want.
Internet Dongles (Internet USB Sticks)
An Internet dongle is an access method that works with almost any device sporting a USB port. If your device doesn’t have a USB port you may be able to use an Internet dongle by connecting it through a USB adapter.
Dongles, or Internet USB sticks, are available in both 3G and 4G varieties. The speed of the connection and cost of the service depend on the service provider and the particular plan you are using. Most Internet service providers (ISPs) offer a variety of plans to fit a variety of usage scenarios.
Portable Routers
A portable router, sometimes called a portable hotspot, are usually available from many ISPs either separately or as part of a broader Internet service package. With a portable router you can share one Internet connection with as many as five devices. The speed of your connection will depend on how many devices are using it and, as with the dongle, which ISP and package you are on.
With some portable hotspots, the SIM card can be used in another device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to maintain your Internet access even after the battery on your hotspot runs down. Some portable devices can also act like a hotspot themselves, sharing the Internet connection with other devices.
With the widespread availability of both of these mobile broadband solutions, it is a simple matter for today’s Internet entrepreneur to be mobile while still being effective and connected. There is no longer any need to be tied to a desk, when you can work seamlessly from wherever you are.