Importance of Hiring Independent Telecom Agents for Companies

The importance of choosing the telecom solution best-suited to meet the needs of an enterprise is critical to its success, if not outright survival.  Businesses seem to understand this and, as a result, more of them utilize independent agents to get their telecom services than ever before. There are many reasons for an organization to get its telecom services from Independent Telecom Agents rather than the direct representatives of the service providers.  Among the top reasons:

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Perhaps the primary reason lies in what this person is:  An Independent Telecom Agent.  A trained professional with experience and knowledge not just about the services available but about the service providers as well, this individual will be able to provide the unvarnished truth (not the “company line”) about all the factors that go into choosing the telecommunications package that best suits the needs of the organization.  Unbiased information rather than the self-promotion likely to come from direct representatives.  Information based on a clear understanding of the organization’s projections for expansion, streamlining or, perhaps, even consolidation of operations.  An Independent Telecom Agent will provide information about the pros and cons without attempting to embellish the former or minimize the latter.
Time is money. A business without the optimal telecommunications system is like a shark that stops swimming:  It soon sinks lifelessly to the bottom.  Choosing the right telecom system is, therefore, not a task to be taken lightly.  It takes expertise, it takes information, it takes time.  Time that is likely not accounted for in any job description.  A typical pricing and evaluation process involves sourcing carriers, winnowing the list for the most desirable candidates, soliciting bids from (usually) three providers, scheduling one or more appointments with each of them, checking references and perhaps even sitting through demonstrations, often off-site.  None of these tasks are mission-critical and coordinating and then performing them can take many, many man hours spread out over a long period of time.
Accountability. A single point of contact, the Independent Telecom Agent is familiar with the business, its needs, plans and, perhaps most importantly, the culture of the enterprise.  No need to worry about chasing down direct representatives or attending to any of the follow-up this whole process will require, including having to start from scratch whenever a new person is assigned to the account.