The Dark Side of Cloud Computing

The concept of cloud technology is hardly allusive these days. Informed people can identify the ways it factors into business and the benefits of using it to build infrastructure. Not all cloud service providers are the same, however. That fact can lead to some unfortunate, if not secret, issues that are not commonly recognized. What pitfalls might a company experience as they delve into the cloud?

Cloud Records Last Forever

Forensic shows talk about it all the time. A computer never really deletes anything. The record just disappears until some knowledgeable person knows to look for it. The same base theory is true using cloud technology. The cloud server houses critical data. Part of the process is backup, so if a disaster happens, that data survives.

The mechanism involved in creating backups involves replication. The cloud service provider takes hundred of thousands of user data and copies it to a recovery network for safekeeping. This process continues regularly to ensure the backup information is current. At the same time, the system must remain well optimized to provide high quality performance. It is difficult to pull off both at the same time. This leads to old data getting caught in the crossfire. A file may seem to disappear, but show up in the backup.

All Data requires a Steward

A steward is a business analyst who is responsible for data entrusted on a cloud system. This is about auditing data to make sure it is accurate. A steward keeps information safe and monitors it to maintain proper organization and purity. Without stewardship, a service provider is just housing tons of information with no checkpoints or control mechanism. Businesses need to question whether a service provider offers a data steward as part of the plan.

Businesses Still Need IT

It is a common misconception that using a cloud network eliminates the need for internal IT. Most companies constantly make changes to their system for upgrades, to integrate new services, produce reports and manage databases. If they fire the entire IT staff, who handles all that? Cloud technology will save on hardware and services, but a business still need knowledgeable staff to handle the network.

Cloud technology is indeed revolutionizing the business world and rightfully so. Companies need to understand that it is not the ultimate solution, however. There are things to keep in mind when shopping for the right service provider.