Audio/Video Conferencing: A Must-have in Business Communication

Audio video conferencing used to be the six-figure communication staple seen only at big enterprise boardrooms. Not anymore. With the convergence of interoperable communication solutions, the benefits now extend to small and medium-sized businesses.

Drivers of Audio Video Conferencing

What’s driving the evident migration by almost all types of businesses to audio video conferencing? Why are Skype and Google Talk fast becoming household words, for instance? Why are more students embracing distance learning? How are telepresence technologies, e-consultations and e-health benefiting the medical care industry?

The single interface of interoperable technology systems has made audio/video conferencing the standard of business communications. As businesses grow and espouse workforce mobility, distance and time differences are no longer barriers for effective and real time collaboration. Compatibility between dedicated systems and voice and image quality have greatly improved. Virtually talking face-to-face and listening ear-to-ear in a group or groups is the next best thing to a live experience.

The emergence of cloud-based solutions makes audio video conferencing a cost efficient communication option especially for SMBs. Cloud-based services are designed to simplify complex processes. Easy to use, flexible and scalable to accommodate future business needs, cloud-based audio and video solutions provide the ultimate conferencing experience. No heavy initial investment is needed and the costs are fixed at reasonable monthly rates depending on the type of service chosen.

The gradual shift from hardware to software-based solutions has made audio/video conferencing affordable to SMBs. Without the need for expensive hardware, the cloud offers a less expensive version of audio video meetings whether the conference takes place in a conference room, a desktop or a mobile. Moreover, because the cloud is a new technological advancement, cloud-based conferencing is an entirely new experience with high definition audio and video quality.

Industry-specific needs dictate the use of audio video conferencing. With the continuing evolution of information technology, telepresence solutions are playing a vital role in critical industries such as health and medical care and education. In medical care, for instance, e-consultation is gaining popularity among medical professionals and patients to hasten diagnosis and treatment processes. Sharing medical resources in discovering medical breakthroughs can also be made possible through audio and video conferencing.

With evolving technologies come evolving needs. Increasing mobility, the proliferation of mobile devices and the promise of the cloud give renewed vitality to audio video conferencing, the best thing that ever happened to conferencing.