What’s not to love about Dropbox?

An image by Kinologik
An image by Kinologik

There’s the free storage, of course, but that’s almost a dime a dozen these days. What makes Dropbox stand out is its excellent functionality. This is drag and drop cloud computing at its best.

Dropbox isn’t a completely secure enterprise function, but it is secure enough for basic file sharing of data that requires medium-level security.  And, at that level, its functionality is superior to competitors. There’s a reason that Dropbox is the name most people associate with Cloud sharing.

Dropbox isn’t expensive business management software. It’s just a free, simple file sharing tool that enterprises can utilize for file sharing of non-critical data. There’s no “feature creep” in Dropbox, because it already works and no one’s trying to sell you anything.

In an IT environment where enterprises are faced with a multitude of choices between competing technologies that cost money and may or may not improve productivity, Dropbox is the proverbial no-brainer. It is a guaranteed outcome of a valuable tool for no expense.

IT decision-makers are faced with a daunting task–guiding an IT course in an era where two years old is ancient. So many decisions. So many possibilities to make the wrong choice. Dropbox is the easy right choice.

Ask yourself. What’s one good reason not to use Dropbox? No reason at all.

  • It works.
  • It adds value.
  • Its free.