How Unified Communications is Sparking Campus Growth

An image by UTC Library
An image by UTC Library

Unified communication-enabled devices are at the heart of strategies to enhance the campus environment and empower students. Unified communication describes a system that combines different media into one powerful tool. With the right equipment, students can text, watch video, email and interact on the Internet via multiple devices. With smartphones and tablet computers becoming more prevalent on campuses all over the world, it is the only approach that makes sense in the academic arena.

The Growth of Education and Technology

Schools like Illinois State and the University of Houston are making a commitment to grow. Part of that process is replacing their older communication system with the newest technology has to offer. That means tying mobile access with the campus UC system to integrate the tools students use the most – phones and portable computers.

The right approach gives each participant multiple options for their campus communication. While sitting at the library, a student may engage on a laptop but switch over to a smartphone when going from class to class. UC opens up the options to keep students connected.

What UC Brings to the School Environment

The ability to interact and collaborate is one of the key features unified communications brings to a school system. This is a practical approach for both the staff and student population to use in and out the classroom. During a lecture, all class participants could log on to get a personalized view of slides and other multimedia presentations, for example.

Outside of class, it fosters community. Students can go on the network to find out if classmates or teachers are online and take part in discussions or group projects. Illinois State is investigating the use of an instant messaging system to get help on homework assignments and other campus activities.

Creating an E-Learning System that Works

Ultimately, the goal of university administrators is to combine something that students already use into the learning structure. This e-learning platform enables them to enhance their voice with both staff and other students – a multidimensional approach that boosts the desire to learn.

Using a unified communication network makes the environment distinctive. A designated school system can create friendly navigation and a contact directory specific to each campus or department. Ease in use and a multiple device platform means enhanced education for university students through unified communications.