Why Mid-Market Firms Need Customization from Unified Communications Partners

The business world changes fast, and companies must constantly evolve to stay in the game. That is one reason why unified communications plays such an active role. However, mid-market businesses tend to be leery of utilizing this powerful resource. Part of the reason is cost. They may already be vested in a current system and reluctant to change. Another might be history. UC itself has been evolving. It was a rocky start, but UCaaS service has proven to be an asset that pulls the enterprise together.

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Getting to Know the Prospect

There is much legwork to do before completing the transformation from old-school systems to UC. The first step for the service provider is to evaluate the business and understand what UC brings to the table. How exactly is the transition to unified communications going to affect the business operation at each level?

A company is more than just a purchase order. There are people at the heart of every business who make it work. From human resources to the remote sales staff, a change in the communication system influences their work environment. Branch out to these areas and get to know how they operate. This way, a service provider addresses concerns upfront and puts a positive spin on the change.

Create an agenda for the transition. If the service provider goes in on the weekend and rips out the old system, that shock impacts the entire workforce. Opt for a metered approach to the change-over. This gives each department the opportunity to adjust their work protocols in response.

A Managed Network is the Way to Go

The most productive way to evaluate how well the network works for each enterprise is through a managed infrastructure. Use a flexible delivery model with multiple Tier-1 carriers and comprehensive network interfaces. The service provider should have a full view of the network performance and tweak the system along the way to correspond with the businesses needs. This bird’s eye approach will eliminate conflict and allow for a smooth change-over.

Through gradual integration and managed care, UC partners will win back the mid-market firms and be a keystone in improving their business operations.