Communication is Key: CMO, CIO, and CTO Collaboration

In order for any business to thrive, communication and collaboration are necessary. New, fresh ideas don’t come out of nowhere, and, by working together, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can stay agile and modern.

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

To take the best advantage of collaboration, a CSP should have its network organizations, IT, and marketing department all on the same page. This means that there’s not just one channel of communication; instead, there are three channels among the CMO, CIO, and CTO. Of course, this kind of collaboration means that better communication and cooperation are top priority, so that a company can properly deliver new and improved products.

Thanks to the Frameworx eTOM Product Lifecycle Management flows, most CSPs are aware of the interaction necessary in order to deliver products. While this is a great place to start, it only shows what needs to happen and who is responsible for what. It doesn’t actually tell CSPs how marketing, network, and IT need to collaborate to create success.

Here’s a good example of a scenario where collaboration plays out correctly: Marketing describes the product based on trends, market directions, and customer feedback. However, they can’t actually understand the impact such changes will have until they get the input of IT and network. They need schedules and cost estimates so that an informed business decision can be made.

This requires that the CMO provides a product requirement, definition, and financial plan. The CIO figures out the new or improved product cost, manages revenue tracking and catalog updates, and defines the product. The CTO will estimate the impact on the CSP’s network, and then the CTO will inform the CMO and CIO as to whether it’s necessary to modify it.

The CTO and CIO have to collaborate to make sure that an integrated, complete solution for the product is put in place. Then, they have to assess the various projects so that they can choose which is best for the company’s objectives. Everyone must cooperate to determine the correct choice of action; otherwise an informed decision cannot be made.

And collaboration doesn’t end simply because a plan is put in place. In order to modify and track a project’s status, the CMO, CTO, and CIO must be on the same page for the long haul.

CSPs need to deliver new products quickly and rapidly. The only way to do this is to bring departments together, increasing agility and production.