Report Indicates that Most IT Departments Lack Visibility

A new report from IT company Evolven indicates that visibility is lacking in IT departments. Operation managers are unable to view day-to-day activities in real time. Between the volume of work pouring into this department and the flux of data going through, IT is facing some challenges.

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IT Operations Quotient Report

Evolven’s IT Operations Quotient Report surveyed 300 data management professionals during the recent Gartner Data Center conference and ServiceNow Knowledge13 conference. A number of interesting facts came out of the report, but one of the most crucial involves operational performance in the IT department. Executives claim there is a startling lack of visibility in this area.

Part of the problem is the ever-changing system and configuration data. The issue is so consistent that 84 percent of those surveyed stated a desire to change the way IT operates. Gartner Research VP Will Cappelli explains that as processes become digitized, those in charge are seeing clearly how IT service influences their revenue. Bad service means lower profit. IT operations management needs some type of visibility to control quality.

  • The survey shows that only eight percent of IT professionals actually validate their data.
  • Only seven percent know what change sparked a quality-control issue.
  • Five percent can identify a problem or issue quickly.
  • Five percent verify consistency of their systems.

The low numbers are not a reflection on the management skills but on the technology. IT operations are becoming more and more complex. The velocity of the information flowing through customer business processes is substantial, so validating data would distract resources that many departments don’t have available. On top of that, finding one issue amid a mountain of information is like finding a needle in a haystack. The lack of visibility is clearly one of the drawbacks of large IT operations.

What is the Solution for Visibility Issues?

The survey offers no clear advice on how to improve visibility in IT departments. Cappelli suggests that IT systems are becoming more complex and dynamic, indicating that the problem will just get worse over time. Proper analytics are necessary to compensate.

It is impossible to harness data– given the rate and quantity. IT operations are just too convoluted for that to work. Between the system layers and environmental changes, visibility will continue to haunt IT operations managers. It will take sophisticated analytical software to get a handle on the situation.