Telecommuting: The Cloud’s Killer App

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

While cloud computing has benefits in just about any business setting, companies that have large telecommute-based work forces are particularly well suited to leverage the cloud’s benefit. With a distributed workforce, tying systems to a physical office becomes impractical while cloud tools allow an employee the same access to the services they need to do their jobs regardless of where they’re located.

Telecommuter-based companies are particularly well suited for cloud computing since many of them are consultancies that attract technologically savvy telecommuting workers. Some are even in the technology industry, making them particularly likely to have an innate affinity for cloud-based solutions. Here are some of the ways that telecommuters can use the cloud to have an office’s tools without an office:

  • Phone calls go to a VOIP telephone number: Depending on where employees find themselves, they can have the VOIP system direct callers to their cell phones, or they can send callers to an app or program on their cell phone, tablet, or computer. The software lets employees talk through the device’s microphone or speakers or through a connected headset, giving them the same comfort and sound quality as an office phone.
  • All company apps run through the cloud: This makes them accessible from any type of device at any time. 
  • Company files sit on a cloud-based service: When a company standardizes a service, it doesn’t only allow workers to access the data they need to work from anywhere. Creating a standard for cloud-based file storage also makes it easier for employees to share files, pool knowledge, and work collaboratively.
  • Meetings get held through online audio or video conferencing systems: This lets employees work together without the expense or inconvenience of being physically together.
  • Every device has access to everything: Cloud-based solutions allow workers to choose whatever device they want so that they can work comfortably. Many of them also scale from the smallest mobile phone up to a desktop workstation, letting the team be productive from anywhere at any time.