Cloud Perception in the C-Suite

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

A recent survey of business leaders conducted by Saugatuck Technology has established that leaders of large businesses — generally doing $1 billion or more in revenue — don’t just have a basic cloud perception. They’re knowledgeable about it and see its potential. Some of the surveys findings include the following:

  • Cloud technology matters: 68 percent of the executives polled consider cloud technology to be either extremely or very important for their companies. None of them considered it to be a non-issue. 
  • Mobile applications and the cloud go hand-in-hand. Whether they’re empowering their sales forces with greater access to company data during client meetings or enabling their business and accounting teams to access their ERP systems from anywhere at any time, cloud technology is supporting their increasingly mobile work forces. 
  • Technology isn’t what is holding the cloud back. Many corporate leaders also admit to slowing down their cloud deployments due to a lack of funding or due to their inability to get their culture to embrace it.