Re-envisioning an IT Department’s Organizational Structure

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Your IT department is only as strong as your leadership. Unfortunately, you can’t flex your managerial muscles if your IT department isn’t set up so that you can lead it. There are nine basic things that you can do to make your department not only easier to lead but also better integrated into your company as a whole. 

  1. Look outside your department by creating positions in your organizational chart that are designed to liaise with people throughout the company to ensure that you’re in touch with the rest of the company and that it is aware of how IT drives value.
  2. Instead of immediately shutting down IT initiatives that are outside of your purview, integrate yourself into them so that you can be aware of what they’re doing and, when appropriate, support them and bring their initiatives back under your control.
  3. Build a manageable structure at the top. If you have more than five to seven people reporting to you, try to reorganize them.
  4. While you’re reorganizing your department, try to conform it to the structure in place at the rest of your company.
  5. Build IT plans that aren’t just strategic but also work to protect your company by considering data security and creating systems that ensure business continuity.
  6. Let your specialists see that they have a path beyond your department and into the company’s broader operations.
  7. Connect with your human resources department so that your IT infrastructure can accommodate the organization’s growth plans and so that you can be included in its new employee training regimen.
  8. Track your industry and your competition with a team built into your department.
  9. Understand how your department is serving your company by having people that track your quality of service and your operational management effectiveness directly report back to you.