University CIO’s Approach a Model for Businesses

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

While a university CIO’s experiences might not initially seem to be apropos to the business world, universities deal with many of the same technologies that businesses do. At the same time, the pedagogical challenges that they face in teaching in the new technology climate relate to what businesses face in training and developing their staffs.

IT Change

Eric Hawley at Utah States sees his position as one of chief integration officer– rather than a traditional chief information officer. He’s moved away from custom building systems from scratch and even from customizing large tools like ERP systems. Instead, he’s taking advantage of the cloud to moving as many aspects of his computing infrastructure off-site. At the same time, he’s pulling many different tools. By working with a range of different, highly specific systems, he is able to create a flexible and tailored system without the expense of customizing everything. The challenge in this comes from integrating the disparate systems.

Pedagogical Change

Whether at a university or in a business, information is being delivered differently than every before. IT tools that ┬ácapture and archive are making note-taking obsolete. After all, if all of the information in a class can be found in a Google search afterwards, there’s no need to write it down. When an organization takes advantage of this, it creates a setting where students can freely interact with one another and with their instructors without having to worry about capturing everything.

At the same time, technology isn’t only changing how information gets delivered in the classroom. It’s also enabling delivery beyond the classroom. For traditional education providers who have access to good content, ti allows them to bring it to more markets than ever before. Delivering education via technology also allows the delivery to be tailored so that the same class that is interactive for a graduate student could be put online with verification quizzes as a career development course.