Appfluent Transforms Big Data

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

There are plenty of businesses out there that are wondering how Hadoop can benefit their operations in terms of big data. Fortunately, there is one provider that’s ready and willing to point businesses in the right direction when it comes to data warehousing.

Appfluent only has about 30 employees in its ranks, but the relatively young provider of enterprise business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse management software has its eyes set on an aggressive expansion. What the company has to offer is innovative software that brings order to the relative chaos that massive volumes of data represent. According to President and CEO Frank Gelbart, “The relational database is under siege. There’s exploding data volumes, machine data, sensor data. The relational database infrastructure is just not adequate.”

The Power of Big Data

There is no disputing the importance of big data, especially as the enterprise world and the capabilities of the Internet continue to intertwine and evolve in new and sometimes unpredictable ways. New technologies like Hadoop give companies the opportunity to deal with Internet scale volume problems in more efficient and cost-effective ways.

Appfluent’s Visibility software capitalizes on utilizing big data through its integration with leading BI applications, giving users greater insight into data usage and business activity. Visibility provides data managers, data architects, data warehouse managers, and BI application managers with critical and relevant information, providing managers with the tools to prioritize initiatives based on business activity while reducing both costs and complexity.

Making Customers Happy

Thanks to Appfluent’s unique approach to big data, the company’s quickly gaining a following among major businesses. Union Bank of California, SAP Business Objects, and Pfizer are among the numerous companies that have seen increases in overall efficiency from their data management operations since implementing Appfluent software.

State governments are also gaining an appreciation for the way Appfluent allows big businesses to make sense of big data. The Pennsylvania and New Jersey state governments have seen appreciative gains in efficiency and productivity after implementing Appfluent for their data management operations.

Appfluent’s quickly proving itself a game-changer when it comes to enterprise data management. So far, the company has partnered with Cloudera, a major independent distributor of Hadoop. Hadoop and other technologies are allowing big companies to gain a clear understanding of how their data relates to their business users and how to optimize their capabilities for the best possible return on investment.