Accepting the New Reality: Cloud Computing is Here to Stay

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Every so often, you will still hear a technology leader cautioning companies, consumers, and organizations to avoid the cloud computing model. There are not enough safeguards. The providers don’t have the capabilities to keeping things secure. There is too much risk in putting vast amounts of consumer data in one place. Those are just a few of the concerns brought up.

Accepting the Reality

While those concerns are legitimate, trying to stop the wave of cloud computing is futile. Cloud computing is already here and it is not going anywhere. Accepting that reality will make moving forward easier than continuing to fight it.

  • Cloud computing has become a major part of modern business technology architecture. With various fee cloud providers available around the world, companies, large and small, are adopting this architecture more and more everyday.
  • Consumers are driving the spread of cloud computing. With free services like DropBox and SharePoint, consumers are adding cloud services to all their personal devices.
  • The global economic reach of cloud computing is staggering. With so much business done using cloud architecture and services, it would be nearly impossible to reverse the trend.
  • Cloud security is advancing all the time. Cloud service providers realize the data risks involved and have put an emphasis on developing and adopting the best security features possible. Many providers have layers of security not even found in the biggest IT companies.

Moving into the Future

After accepting the reality of cloud computing, the next step is to move forward and address outstanding issues. This can be done by working closely with cloud service providers and putting certain things in place:

  • Applying better security controls
  • Increasing data handling transparency
  • Enhancing privacy protections
  • Expectations about security breach notifications
  • Outline expectations in contracts

How a business approaches cloud computing makes all the difference. But, trying to deny its place in the world of modern business is fruitless. The better solution is to accept that cloud computing is here to stay. Learn to deal with it and move forward is the way to go.