9 Tips for Selecting Your Next Business Software

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock PhotosAs business software has rapidly advanced, older systems have become as outdated in their functionality as their looks. Are you wasting money while struggling with slow, clunky software that’s tied to the desktop and lacks features? Move forward with a modern software solution. Here’s what to do.

Run a cost-benefit analysis

Your old software may be hemorrhaging labor costs or preventing you from increasing productivity, while a new system may have large immediate costs. Many cloud services have relatively cheap deployment and monthly or per-usage payment models. Line up the costs, benefits, and missed opportunities of making the move sooner or later. 

Gather input from all users

Talk to everyone impacted by the change, not just accounting. Listening to problems and inefficiencies with the current system can help reveal what to address in your next solution. 

Find the right match for now and later

The ideal system should integrate as seamlessly as possible with your current practices and other software. At the same time, you should consider potential needs in the future and find something that can grow and adapt with you.

Consult with IT

Get your tech experts in the room during the decision-making process to discuss the implications of each option. If you have in-house IT staff, ask them to evaluate the pros and cons of various software solutions.

Get a sense of each vendor’s future

Vet your potential service providers to see who will be there with great customer service and appropriate upgrades and updates in the future.

Consider training and deployment costs

All software requires some level of training and acclimation. Consider these costs and the level of support offered by a service provider.

Know the limitations

Read reviews, talk to other users or clients if possible, and probe for the flaws and limitations of each software solution. No system is perfect, but you don’t want one with flaws that specifically cause problems for your industry.

Consider scalability

Avoid future hassle with software that can grow with you. In addition to data and performance scalability, think about features like international support in case your business expands globally.

Say yes to the cloud

The cloud-based future has already begun. Software as a Service offers benefits for growing businesses and will help you enjoy more portability and adaptability moving forward.