Carrier Complaints on the Rise – How You Can Avoid The Frustration of Dealing with Telecom Providers

These days, the words telecom and communications are synonymous with the words ‘consumer complaints.’ That’s according to a recent survey by the Consumer Federation of America. In its annual ranking of the most common and fastest-growing area for consumer complaints, the category of Communications hit the number seven spot on the top 10 list. (Source: CFA report). According to the survey, complaints from customers revolved primarily around misleading offers, installation issues, and service-related problems. Other complaint themes were around billing disputes with phone and internet services and carriers.

Support is lacking, and sourcing is challenging

While this is a consumer survey, it’s not a stretch to say complaints in the enterprise communications, telecom, and cloud services space are just as frequent. Traditional telecom providers are notorious for having rigid plans, complicated rate structures, and ongoing contracts. Technical support and billing support are also lackluster with many of these vendors. Enterprises are challenged to source and deploy the secure the reliable connectivity solutions they need to support their business-critical voice, video, data applications. Plus there’s BYOD initiatives to support, Unified Communications (UC) solutions, and other cloud services that fall under this category too. Working with multiple providers makes getting clarity around all of these expenses and services extremely tough.

Leaning on telecom experts

So what can organizations do to get away from the endless cycle of complaints and disappointment? The answer lies in finding an outside telecom expert that can act as an extension of your team to provide expert and unbiased guidance in all areas of telecom and communications. Support should be around sourcing services, billing issues, and things like credits and contract negotiations. There are many other advantages of working with an outside telecom expert. Let’s explore the biggest benefits:

  • Variety of options with guidance – With a telecom specialist like Telapprise, you’ll get access to dozens of highly-qualified carriers in the market, plus receive insight in selecting the optimal solution. The right partner will learn about your specific business requirements, help you consider all of the available options, and select the ideal solution that meets today’s goals and sets you up for future growth.
  • Establishing a single point of contact – By leveraging a telecom expert, organizations can select from all the best services and vendors available, without getting stuck in the maze of conflicting service options and support contacts.
  • Get personalized attention and customized support – The trouble with trying to manage all communication services in-house is that your point of contact is always shifting with vendors. Most in-house salespeople sell new accounts and then move you to customer service reps. No one is watching out for future planning to make sure your team is not getting locked into a carrier’s solution or looking at billing and service issues cohesively. Telapprise, on the other hand, works directly with your business providing personalized and ongoing support.

Today, it’s extremely rare for companies to receive all of their communications services from a single provider. The reality is, most require sourcing telecom and communication services from multiple vendors which results in dozens of contracts all with different support terms, pricing, and contract end dates. This makes it tricky to manage services when things are running smoothly, let alone when there are issues. Working with an outside telecom expert that’s in-tune and continually engaged can make a significant impact on a company’s bottom line and peace of mind.

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