Want to Get Wireless Management Right? Ask These Questions.

The broad range of wireless and mobile services required for today’s modern enterprise spans way beyond smartphones and laptops. For companies today it includes managing devices, mobile apps, mobile rate plans, security, configuration, wireless contracts, and more. It also includes giving teams the support they need to enhance performance and drive innovation in every aspect of their work. The challenge, however, is that as our dependence on mobile and wireless services increases, so does the complexity around those services. There’s added stress imposed on IT teams who are already busy controlling other IT priorities. Managing a growing number of mobile devices and carriers is more than a full-time job. Furthermore, missing the mark can have serious consequences. Unexpected downtime or issues with devices can leave support teams scratching their heads and users frustrated and unproductive.

Identifying common red flags

Part of the problem with enterprise wireless services is that there are so many moving pieces! Without a plan, there’s a lot that can slip through the cracks. Organizations are often drowning trying to juggle vendors, contracts, and on-going management. Most businesses today have more than a dozen vendors across their cloud, telecom, and wireless portfolio. That equates to a dozen contracts, and a dozen different customer service reps, account managers, and invoices to manage. Not to mention, all the dozens, or more, devices to track. Have you ever heard yourself asking these questions?

  • How do we handle all of our mobile devices, including different operating systems?
  • How do we ensure all of our mobile workers have adequate cellular coverage, across multiple states and regions?
  • How do we know if we’re getting the best wireless rate plans possible?
  • How do we know if security is up-to-date?

A new way forward – Getting a plan together

If your team is struggling with wireless management it may be time to ask for help. A telecom and mobile services expert can remove the burden on internal teams while keeping mobility costs in check. The right wireless management plan can also give IT leaders peace of mind knowing employees are experiencing a seamless user experience so they can stay productive. But, how do you find the right partner? It starts with asking questions and making sure potential partners can help with planning and managing day-to-day wireless activities. Partners should also have the skills and experience needed to keep your wireless program secure and compliant with centralized mobile device management.

An effective wireless management plan starts with assessing your current wireless plans, devices, contracts, and application requirements across your organization. From there a wireless partner should be able to recommend mobility and wireless network solutions that match your goals. Keeping your business connected and fully functioning when you’re migrating to new providers and services also requires experience. For instance, if you’re opening a new branch or changing wireless providers you may need a temporary plan in place to ensure you don’t have any gaps in service. An experienced partner should see potential pitfalls and help you navigate through them. Or, is your workforce primarily remote? Your partner should have a nation-wide reach and a firm understanding of the capabilities, and shortcomings, of providers across the country.

Day-to-day mobile device management and centralized control

Day-to-day wireless management includes keeping an eye on rate plan changes, upgrading wireless plans, activating new lines for new hires, tracking and recording equipment changes, and handling porting in lines from other carriers, when needed. An experienced partner can also support contract negotiations and deal with billing questions or discrepancies. The right partner can deliver central management of both business and personal devices, managing the remote deployment of applications, configuration management, and upgrades to secure all connected devices proactively.

Don’t risk it – Reduce costs and keep employees productive

As wireless services continue to make up a ‘bigger chunk’ of the operating budget for most companies, proper management is now more important than ever. Having a plan and taking the right steps can help companies become more competitive, improve employee productivity, and enhance security across the organization. If you’re looking for an experienced wireless partner, talk to Telapprise! We’ve helped hundreds of customers gain control of their mobile and wireless services to reduce costs, remove the burden on internal IT teams, and keep employees happy and working! Don’t wait! Email us to get started!

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