Supplier Spotlight: Silver Peak

Compete at Your Peak with a Business-driven SD-WAN Edge

Silver Peak delivers the true transformational promise of the cloud with its unique business-first networking model. Powered by a self-driving wide area network™ (SD-WAN) platform, companies are liberated from the compromises of router-centric and basic SD-WAN approaches to transform their networks into a business accelerant. Silver Peak powers a new business-first networking model where top-down business intent is the driver, not bottoms-up technology constraints.

Silver Peak’s Self-Driving Wide Area Network Platform

The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform can be deployed in remote offices, branches, regional hubs, data centers or in the cloud. 

EdgeConnect SD-WAN Edge platform for enterprises:

  • Unity EdgeConnect™ physical or virtual appliances deliver:
    • Always-consistent, always-available application performance
    • Highest quality of voice and video, across any combination of transport services
  • Unity Orchestrator™ enables IT to rapidly and centrally define:
    • Application Quality of Service and security policies to 1000s of sites
    • Simplified service chaining to third-party network and security services
  • Unity Boost™ optional WAN optimization performance pack:
    • Improves the performance of latency-sensitive applications
    • Reduces transmission of repetitive data

Unity EdgeConnect advanced features:

  • Business-driven application-specific routing – The network conforms to the needs of the business, not vice versa
  • Application performance and availability – Highest quality of experience for end-users and IT, no matter where the application resides
  • Adaptive internet breakout and machine learning – Real-time monitoring of network and app performance with automated brownout and blackout remediation
  • New WAN Edge for cloud-first enterprises – Simplify WAN edge architecture with the EdgeConnect unified SD-WAN platform

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