Why the Cloud and the Mobile Era Makes the Help Desk More Important Than Ever

Today a company’s internal help desk is a critical component of the broader IT organization. This group is responsible for troubleshooting any issues holding employees back from being productive when using tools and technology. One of this group’s biggest challenges? The sheer volume of mobile devices and applications out there! Thanks to the explosion of BYOD, most modern employees now use several smart devices – often from different manufacturers – on a routine basis. And experts predict this trend will continue with cloud apps driving 90% of total mobile data traffic in 2019. (Source: Cisco). To keep up, help desk personnel need to be well versed in iOS and Android operating systems and know-how devices connect to the company’s broader IT ecosystem of applications, systems, and networks. 

The reality is that all of these factors are pushing many help desks far beyond their limits. Organizations instead need to readjust and put the right team, technology, and processes in place to ensure companies can manage these challenges and keep their teams productive. So, just how important is the help desk in the mobile era? Let’s explore further. 

  • From break/fix to mobile optimization – It used to be that help desk was a sort of necessary evil for keeping desktop environments up-to-date and running. Now, however, organizations need to shake off this reactive mentality in order to play a more critical role in a company’s digital transformation. In making these moves they will play a role in optimizing employee productivity and business performance. Does your company depend on CRM, Unified Communications as-a-Service (UCaaS), or ERP applications? Chances are high that most help desk teams today need skilled technicians who can identify and troubleshoot complex app integration issues on mobile devices. 
  • Zero-in on employee engagement and empowerment – It should be no surprise that employees who aren’t engaged aren’t as innovative or productive. When mobile apps are working seamlessly – thanks to a skilled help desk – employees stay more engaged by having the freedom to do their jobs at any time and place. Popular mobile apps for supporting flexible working and higher levels of engagement are mobile UC apps that enable peer-to-peer communication, online collaboration, and project management apps, HR apps, and more. A well-tuned help desk is needed to keep mobile apps connected and working as employees expect. 
  • If devices are remote, support should be too – When it comes to mobile devices, most experts agree the leading causes of device failure are network connectivity, integration issues, and application software issues. Unexpected downtime and excess time spent on problem resolution can quickly equate to thousands of dollars worth of ‘support time’ as well as lost productivity per mobile worker. When mobile devices fail, help desk teams need the tools and technology to support remote fixes fast. ‘Remote assist technology’ enables teams to analyze and resolve application issues using a browser within an employee’s smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Using this tool, technicians can much more quickly identify the issue and remotely troubleshoot and fix the problem. Other useful features are incident ticketing management to support creating, tracking, and managing incidents. 

Integration with Enterprise Mobility Management tools (EMM) can also help speed resolutions by giving technicians instant access to device configuration information and application settings and data. These tools together can pay big dividends in ensuring workers are working at their optimal level, and that help desk teams are happy and productive. 

Building a mobile-first help desk

Today there are more and more workers accessing enterprise applications – CRM, ERP, UC, and more – from mobile devices. Only with a robust help desk and the right remote support tools can teams quickly tackle complex application and device issues. If you want help mapping out a dynamic and cost-effective help desk solution, talk to Telapprise. We have a long track record of keeping teams engaged and connected to the tools they need most – wherever individuals are working from. Let’s get smart and mobile! 

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