Need to Keep Mobile Costs in Check? Ask These 4 Questions.

As businesses make a move from desktops to laptops, and fully embrace smartphones and IoT, it’s clear that old ways of managing mobility are no longer cutting it. These especially concerning considering companies on average spend 22% of their budgets on end-user hardware, including mobile devices. What’s even more surprising is that these figures don’t include spending on data plans, cellular networks, and other telecom expenses. (Source: Spiceworks). So what should businesses do to get a handle on mobile costs? 

It starts with having a defined mobile strategy and the ability to analyze, optimize, and negotiate the best mobile options for your business over time. Let’s explore questions that can help get your mobile costs under control, making sure you’re only paying for what you need, and eliminating what you don’t. Then, your team can build a smarter mobile strategy that includes a governance plan for managing and optimizing mobile devices and usage across your organization. Let’s begin. 

  1. How are you tracking multiple user accounts and devices? Does your IT team currently use a spreadsheet to track your mobile device inventory and accounts? What about your workflow for making sure payment discrepancies are verified against contracts? If you’re not sure, or if it’s all done off the cuff, it may be time to take a second look at these homegrown processes. In some cases, it may make sense to bring in technology to simplify and automate manual processes to create efficiencies and save money, even if there are upfront investments needed. 
  2. Do you have ‘acceptable use’ governance policies? To be fair, if your company doesn’t outline governance rules, employees might believe that having a corporate-issued mobile device is a perk. Or they may assert that the rules vary by department or by a manager. Develop and write down clear, common-sense guidelines for mobile device usage and outline why it’s essential employees follow the rules to avoid any misunderstandings.
  3. How is your company keeping costs and usage in check? Whether a company is using manual methods or automated tools to manage its mobile inventory, teams must perform regular audits to keep costs down. Managers need to ensure they are paying only for the devices, data plans, and mobile networks they’re using. IT leaders also need to stay up-to-date on technology innovations and emerging tools that will build on the investments they already made to keep costs as low as possible. 
  4. Are you looking for the most competitive options? If a company follows the ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ mentality when it comes to mobile plans and devices, they are probably overpaying. Often, legacy vendor plans are inefficient and costly. Ineffective plans, carriers that offer less-than competitive rates, or invoices plagued with frequent overbilling or billing errors are all examples of ‘red flags.’ It’s essential to update a company’s plan structure to the latest available to include things like unlimited calling and text, and options for pooled plans that offer more flexibility to optimize services. Companies should shop around and negotiate with vendors to obtain competitive mobile options at least once a year to avoid wasting money.

Don’t wait to analyze and optimize mobile spending

To stay competitive, today, companies need mobile governance and expense management programs that can help them to procure, track, repair, decommission, and negotiate the best rates and packages from mobile carriers. By focusing on the entire mobile ecosystem – and not just the devices themselves – organizations can make more informed decisions about mobile spending. A smart mobile strategy, coupled with the right tools and processes, can give decision-makers clear visibility into what is being spent. If you want help with your mobile expense planning so you can focus on other critical priorities, talk to Telapprise. We can implement tools that automate repetitive, labor-intensive mobile management activities, so you can get a handle on everything related to mobile device invoicing, inventory, and expense management. Let’s tackle this together!

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