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3 Virtualization Options That Can Strengthen Security

Virtualization has been around for a long time, and many have enjoyed its proven business benefits. With virtualization, businesses can increase energy efficiency, reduce power and operating costs, boost productivity, respond more quickly in a disaster, and much more.  However, there are some businesses yet to embrace this “new” technology for fear of encountering unknown … Continued

Selecting the Optimal SIP Trunking Solution

When choosing a Session Internet Protocol (SIP) trunking solution for VoIP communications, two main options are available. Single-solution SIP trunk offerings bundle the SIP trunks and the data circuit for a one-stop-shop experience. Over-the-top solutions, on the other hand, separate data streams from the network, offering content over the circuit while the carrier continues to provide the … Continued

Platform-as-a-Service: Mutual Benefits for IT and Developers

Developers have discovered that PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) is a powerful tool that allows them to streamline application development, and they often turn to public PaaS or sometimes rogue cloud solutions to harness the power of PaaS. IT departments — tasked with maintaining control of company assets, security, and data — tend to be more mistrustful of public PaaS and certainly will lock down any attempts to use … Continued

Disaster Recovery Plans Ensure Business Continuity

Modern companies breathe and live on files and data that are stored on servers while all work is done via the company network. If the company network went down, what would happen if no disaster recovery plan was in place? No plan = No business The business world abounds with stories of how disasters can … Continued

3 Tips for Fast-Tracking Cloud Adoption

While many businesses jump at virtualization only to wind up unsure of the next step, the right planning can propel your efforts forward. As virtualization evolves rapidly, expect your organization to have an evolving relationship with virtual technologies and needs. Here’s a look at three actions to take while pondering the future of your virtual … Continued

9 Tips for Selecting Your Next Business Software

As business software has rapidly advanced, older systems have become as outdated in their functionality as their looks. Are you wasting money while struggling with slow, clunky software that’s tied to the desktop and lacks features? Move forward with a modern software solution. Here’s what to do. Run a cost-benefit analysis Your old software may … Continued

The Cloud Increasingly Alleviates BYOD Challenges

As more employers support bring your own device (BYOD) policies, more are recognizing the need to manage the security of these devices. While there’s no doubt that having employees use their own devices is a proven and cost-effective way to improve collaboration and communication, the approach often does open up serious security questions regarding sensitive data … Continued

Planning and Managing Business Crises Before They Occur

An effective crisis management strategy relies on versatility and ease of communication among key team members. Businesses that invest in flexible and efficient crisis management tools are better able to adapt to changing situations, and those tools have the ability to bring the business to favorable resolutions more quickly. Defining a “Business Crisis” A business … Continued

Who Should Own, Control, and Manage Your Big Data?

In recent history, some businesses decided to determine who would make it their primary jobs in the company to ensure that all received data is secure, of the highest quality possible, and cohesive across multiple applications for easy access. This position was referred to as the “data steward.” This concept may have come into fruition before big data … Continued

What Thought Leadership Is Not

Thought leadership has become the new catch phrase for individuals and companies looking to become the trendsetter and go-to for new ideas and new directions in the industry. While many wish to be considered a thought leader, there are many misconceptions as to what this means. It is not about being cool. Some brands are … Continued