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Need to Keep Mobile Costs in Check? Ask These 4 Questions.

As businesses make a move from desktops to laptops, and fully embrace smartphones and IoT, it’s clear that old ways of managing mobility are no longer cutting it. These especially concerning considering companies on average spend 22% of their budgets on end-user hardware, including mobile devices. What’s even more surprising is that these figures don’t … Continued

UCaaS Implementation is Complex – Here’s What You Need to Know

As much as marketing teams like to talk about it, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) isn’t plug-and-play. That’s because UCaaS solutions and deployment options are so diverse. Your UCaaS platform may be delivered by a traditional telecom provider, PBX vendor, a VAR, MSP or CSP, or some other cloud-based service provider. Because UCaaS solutions … Continued

Supplier Spotlight: Silver Peak

Compete at Your Peak with a Business-driven SD-WAN Edge Silver Peak delivers the true transformational promise of the cloud with its unique business-first networking model. Powered by a self-driving wide area network™ (SD-WAN) platform, companies are liberated from the compromises of router-centric and basic SD-WAN approaches to transform their networks into a business accelerant. Silver … Continued

The Intelligent Edge and More Efficient Networks – Why You Need Both for UCaaS and the Modern Workplace

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you’ve probably heard the term ‘intelligent edge.’ In our last blog post, we talked about how Software-defined networking and SD-WAN fit into the edge conversation. In a nutshell, the intelligent edge includes processes where data is analyzed and aggregated on actual devices. This approach is contrary … Continued

Supplier Spotlight: AT&T Cybersecurity

AT&T Cybersecurity brings the power of AlienVault to AT&T Business AT&T Business and AlienVault recently joined forces to launch AT&T Cybersecurity, a standalone division of AT&T that aims to bring together the people, processes, and technology that help businesses stay ahead of threats. AT&T Cybersecurity provides customers with next-level cybersecurity solutions that help them simplify … Continued

Telapprise Merges with Triple Helix Technology to Bring Depth and Expertise to Its IT Transformation Practice

As part of our continuing effort to bring industry expertise to our customers, Telapprise has joined forces with Triple Helix Technology. This merger brings additional resources to Telapprise’s technical and sales teams supporting it’s AT&T partnership and emerging IT transformation practice. We sat down with Matthew McKee, Triple Helix’s Vice President and General Manager to … Continued

Want to Secure Your Mobile Enterprise? Start with a ‘Never Trust, Always Verify’ Mentality

As mobile becomes the preferred platform in the enterprise, it’s clear that corporate IT departments need to retool their conventional security policies. Luckily, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions integrated with Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) platforms are helping teams bolster their security programs. Together, these applications streamline the management of devices and apps, help maintain … Continued

Is MPLS out and SD-WAN in? Not so fast!

Today’s businesses don’t look like they used to: we’ve traded cubicles and corporate offices for remote working, branch offices, and cloud computing. This shift has put the enterprise network at the center of it all. Employees, customers, and partners rely on it daily to stay connected and access the applications they need to do their … Continued