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Top Four Considerations for Migrating to Office 365

  Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 from an on-prem environment can deliver significant benefits for organizations. The transition to the cloud levels the playing field for companies of all sizes because it gives businesses the ability to leverage cloud versions of multiple Microsoft products, without the hassle and cost of buying, configuring and managing servers … Continued

Simplify Telecom Management with a Robust Help Desk!

  Digital transformation is top of mind for today’s leading businesses. Organizations are looking for smarter ways to leverage disruptive technologies to push the limits of traditional business models, to drive corporate innovation and to deliver a better product to customers. Supporting this movement is a range of technologies including voice, data, wireless, cloud computing … Continued

What to Look for in TEM and TEM-like Solutions

  In an increasingly connected world, managing your wireless, voice, and data network infrastructure has become increasingly challenging. Part of that challenge comes from the growing complexity of telecom assets, the networks that support them, and the increasing cost of these services. In fact, according to Gartner Group, technology spending is expected to reach $3.7 … Continued

The Biggest SaaS Trends to Watch

  Over the past several years, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) adoption has accelerated at a record-breaking pace, and many predict the momentum around SaaS cloud services won’t be slowing down anytime soon. A survey by Cisco reports that 2018 will see SaaS solutions take the lead as the most highly deployed cloud service globally. The study also … Continued

Top 5 use cases for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    While the infrastructure and computing resources that run today’s businesses − such as storage, hardware, servers, and networking components− are critical, they are often underrated when it comes to being ranked as business priorities. That’s because, although the infrastructure is expected to perform predictably and reliably to support the business, it is not … Continued

Big data and cloud go together like strawberries and chocolate

Contemporary decision making requires collaboration and up to the minute information. Both of these requirements are at your fingertips when you move your big data out into the cloud. The scalable infrastructure of the cloud means that the big data you collect from your transactions will never overpower your servers. Your team members regardless of … Continued

4 Steps to Bring Big Data to the Business

The article is about integrating big data into businesses. Big Data doesn’t have to mean subjects such as Statistics. People can go real time with their data, design for self service and by encouraging visualization. Big Data is a very important resource in order for businesses to compete with one another. Read the full article … Continued

What is big data and why should your business care?

Big Data is defined differently by professionals from different industry types. All agree it contains a lot of data that is beneficial in understanding consumer needs and habits. One healthcare CIO explained Big Data as data with relationships and it is not just about volume but what can be done with the data. Another healthcare … Continued

Who Should Own, Control, and Manage Your Big Data?

In recent history, some businesses decided to determine who would make it their primary jobs in the company to ensure that all received data is secure, of the highest quality possible, and cohesive across multiple applications for easy access. This position was referred to as the “data steward.” This concept may have come into fruition before big data … Continued