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Enterprise security trends to watch

Cybersecurity and enterprise security programs are quickly becoming a top priority for businesses. A successful enterprise security effort connects strategy, performance, and risk to keep a close watch on cyber threats while improving resilience across the enterprise. Leading companies are looking for the right security controls, incident response solutions, and threat intelligence platforms to proactively … Continued

Top 3 things you need to know about SD-WAN

Reliable network services are critical for today’s businesses. Companies need secure, always-on network infrastructure to keep people and places connected and to keep business moving forward. Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) has attracted a lot of attention over the last several years for its ability to provide on-demand bandwidth and consistent network performance across multiple … Continued

Finding your UCaaS Ecosystem

UCaaS or Unified Communications-as-a-Service is a subject that’s often hard to define. If you ask ten different people what UCaaS means and what business results it delivers, you may get ten different answers. Whether you’re speaking to C-level executives, IT pros, operations staff, marketers or sales, everyone has their unique definition and set of ‘must … Continued

Net Neutrality in 2018 and what it means for your business

The December 2017 decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to repeal net neutrality rules has sparked a flood of emotions and arguments on both sides of the aisle. Many supporters of net neutrality worry that repealing the regulations could pave the way for unfair practices by internet service providers, like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T. … Continued

Why Cloud Contact Centers?

  The demands placed on customer service teams and contact centers today are higher than ever before. Organizations want contact centers that can scale quickly to meet customer demand, and they want agents that deliver highly personalized customer support. Doing that means giving reps the ability to access multiple applications like customer service and CRM … Continued

Big data and cloud go together like strawberries and chocolate

Contemporary decision making requires collaboration and up to the minute information. Both of these requirements are at your fingertips when you move your big data out into the cloud. The scalable infrastructure of the cloud means that the big data you collect from your transactions will never overpower your servers. Your team members regardless of … Continued

Connecting the (Cloud) Dots

When discussing Hybrid Cloud Applications, Transaction Monitoring is the most valuable leg of cloud stability. It is also hard to accomplish. End to end transaction view makes it simpler for IT Operations. The tools necessary must be able to comprehend and monitor the system in the cloud. A good strategy towards Cloud management is a … Continued

How I learned to stop worrying and love the cloud

For companies looking to quickly deliver more applications or rapidly scale up and down to maximize seasonal server utilization, cloud computing could be the answer. The usefulness of cloud computing has moved beyond traditional notions of merely providing virtual server space, and is increasingly becoming a solution that organizations of all types would be wise … Continued

Forrester offers top 10 predictions for cloud market in 2014

Forrester Research is dubbing 2014 as the year of the cloud. Though cloud computing has been around and a huge market motivator for a few years, this will be the year that IT departments will have to take the technology seriously in order to keep up with demand. The primary motivator of cloud innovation is … Continued