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For Service Providers, Content “Intelligence” is King!

Many Internet Service providers are slowly realizing that they need more than just traffic data. They must also have the ability to sort that data out into meaningful information. For example knowledge about usage patterns and favorites can help ISP’s deliver targeted services to their customers at a reduced price. Good data analysis is also … Continued

The Irish League of Credit Unions uses DataCore SANsymphony-V storage Virtualization

According to the press release distributed by DataCore, the Irish League of Credit Unions is using its virtual storage virtualization solutions to facilitate its core infrastructure. SANsymphony-V storage achieves a custom-made virtual environment for both servers and storage, decreases overheads and achieves a greater availability of critical business applications. Read the full article here: The … Continued

GigaSpaces Launches Cloudify Player Service on HP Public Cloud

Developer Gigaspaces, an industry leader in cloud-based application hosting, has released a new offering known as the Cloudify Player, leveraging their already powerful Cloudify service. The player allows customers to develop and embed cloud-based apps, from simple widgets to huge, big-data projects, into an existing site as easily as embedding a Youtube video. Read the … Continued