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Twitter Battles Syrian Hackers

The Syrian Electronic Army is a self-proclaimed group of hackers that sympathize with the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria. Recently, the SEA has hacked a number of Twitter accounts, including several of those of CBS, and used them to post links to malicious websites that launched drive-by attacks on users. Twitter has been suspending the … Continued

Five Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Informatica World 2013

Five reasons why you can’t miss Informatica World 2013 is because of the networking possibility in the information technology field. The participant of the Informatica World 2013 event will get valuable face time with technology specialist who can answer questions concerning specific products, software and apps. There will be renowned technology authors at the Informatica … Continued

Savvis Expands Its Slough Footprint

CenturyLink’s Savvis division is expanding the square footage in Slough. This will bring the companies square footage to 100,000 square feet in the suburb of London. The expansion will double the space they have in Slough, and it will be their sixth location in Europe. Ever since CenturyLink took over Savvis, the company has been … Continued

Really? India to Allow 4G Voice, For a Price

The regulators in India are ready to allow the service providers to provide 4G wireless Voice service; however, this has a price of 16.58 Rupees or $306 millions to be pay before the government will allows this to happen. India is probably the only country that charges the service provider for the rights to sell … Continued

DDoS Spam Feud Backfires: ‘Bulletproof’ CyberBunker Busted

Dutch hosting provider CyberBunker built its reputation on hosting nearly all comers. Known for sponsoring denial of service attacks; this service provider, who boasts its invulnerability and is located in a fortified bunker, ironically has now become a target of similar attacks. Attempts to contact CyberBunker have not been answered due partly to the fact … Continued

U.K., BT Push Broadband to Rural Scotland

One of the most isolated areas of the United Kingdom will soon have access to high-speed broadband. The telecommunications company BT has been awarded a grant to connect northern Scotland’s highlands and islands, boosting the local economy. Due to the isolated nature of the region and terrain, the project will be challenging and will be … Continued

Batelco Considers Buying a Piece of Reliance Globalcom

In a long and tedious power struggle, Batelco has something up their sleeve. Reliance Globalcom is going to get a huge wake up call with this strategic move by Batelco. Batelco’s latest deal is targeted towards India and international customers. You won’t believe how this business move is going to turn heads. Read the full … Continued

Hong Kong’s Rising ‘Consumer Surplus’

Hong Kong residences enjoy some of the cheapest broadband services in the world, paying roughly half of what North American consumers do for the same service. This ‘consumer surplus’ is created when a customer pays less for a service than they are willing to pay. These numbers affect a nations GDP as they consist of … Continued

America Movil, Alcatel-Lucent to Bring 100G to the Caribbean

Latin American telecom giant America Movil has joined forces with Alcatel-Lucent to bring a 100g network to several Caribbean islands and Latin countries in the southern hemisphere, including Mexico and Columbia. Mexico was the first country to give regulatory approval for the project. The amx-1 fiber optic submarine cable system will span nearly 18,000 km, … Continued

Ericsson Lands Another Network Outsourcing Deal

Ericsson Telecom is continuing to expand its network operations subcontracting business. VimpelCom of Russia is the firms latest client. Ericson will take over the servicing of forty-one cities including ones in Siberia and the Ural Mountain range. The firm is also expanding operations in India where it will be handling about half of the network … Continued