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Supplier Spotlight: Rackspace

Delivering modern IT-as-a-service across cloud, applications, security, data, and infrastructure Rackspace is the partner of choice in a world of ever-changing IT. Rackspace delivers certified expertise and integrated managed services across public and private clouds, managed hosting and enterprise applications. Because Rackspace partners with the leading technology providers, including Alibaba®, AWS, Google™, Microsoft®, OpenStack®, Oracle®, … Continued

Supplier Spotlight: Zoom Video Communications

Zoom and AT&T Offer Full Suite of Enterprise Communications Services Zoom Video Communications, Inc. and the world’s largest telecommunications company, AT&T, have teamed up to provide Zoom’s modern video communications services to AT&T Business customers. The Zoom and AT&T relationship is two-fold. AT&T resells Zoom as an integrated component of the AT&T Global Audio Conferencing … Continued

Video Conferencing Equipment: Leasing vs. Owning

Your company needs video conferencing equipment. Should you buy the equipment, or lease it? Each option has its own advantages. There are many different options with leasing, offering you flexibility. You may want to rent the equipment for a certain period of time, or you may want to secure an option to purchase the equipment … Continued

The Future of Mobile Video Conferencing: A Wealth of Opportunities

Nowadays, there are various industries that have taken advantage of mobile video conferencing. 1. Healthcare: The ability to communicate via mobile video improves the quality of first-response care by reducing the response time needed to address an issue. In this situation, time saved translates to lives saved. 2. Education: The ability to instruct, or learn, … Continued

Citrix transfers Xen to the Linux Foundation

Citrix announced that it will hand over the Xen Project to the Linux Foundation which will continue its development. The whole story starts in 2007 when Citrix bought Xen Source and gained control over Xen Hypervisor. Recently, been struggling on how to continue its involvement in the development of the Xen project and made a … Continued

Creating a Video Conferencing Environment: 5 Most Common Challenges

If you need to create a video conferencing environment and you need a couple of advices from professionals, you should check this nicely written blog that offers solutions to five most common challenges when it comes to creating a video conferencing environment that will run without glitches. The suggestions include interoperability, firewall solutions, user training … Continued

The Doctor is In: Preventing Telemedicine “Underachievers”

Dr. Robert Cuyler talks in his latest blog entry how to prevent the telemedicine’s underachievers that can cause projects to fail or under perform. The cause for concern is the latest survey data that says 70 to 80 percent of of corporate re-engineering projects don’t meet senior management expectations. Dr. Cuyler has a detailed and … Continued