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3 Virtualization Options That Can Strengthen Security

Virtualization has been around for a long time, and many have enjoyed its proven business benefits. With virtualization, businesses can increase energy efficiency, reduce power and operating costs, boost productivity, respond more quickly in a disaster, and much more.  However, there are some businesses yet to embrace this “new” technology for fear of encountering unknown … Continued

3 Tips for Fast-Tracking Cloud Adoption

While many businesses jump at virtualization only to wind up unsure of the next step, the right planning can propel your efforts forward. As virtualization evolves rapidly, expect your organization to have an evolving relationship with virtual technologies and needs. Here’s a look at three actions to take while pondering the future of your virtual … Continued

What is managed hosting as a service (MHaaS)?

Managed hosting as a service (MHaaS) is supporting a software product for each individual customer. It is a change from the prior business model of selling software to each employee to managing (hosting) software for a customer. It creates a logistical nightmare for the hosting company because they need to cater to each individual customer. … Continued

Home Video Game System with Built-in Beer Tap

The online company Dream Arcades is offering something that some gamers may have just thought was a fantasy: a gaming system with a connected beer keg. This invention, called the Kegerator Pro 60 is a 60 inch HDTV screen with an attached refrigerator, a keg and a gaming system with over 140 classic arcade games. … Continued

The Supermarket of the Future: Is Information and Connectivity more Crutial than Physical Products?

Supermarkets are trying to balance their ability to serve the needs of their customers with the needs of their customers in this new age. At the moment brands aren’t good at serving accurate information from in-store to online environments. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and is hurting the supermarkets for moving forward.Supermarkets are on their … Continued

New list puts 265 of top supercomputers in US

According the the new Top 500 supercomputer list China still has the world’s fastest supercomputer. The list is updated twice a year and the Tianhe-2 computer in China is two times more powerful as the number two system at the U.S. Department of Energy. To make up for not holding the top spot the U.S. … Continued

Google Cracks Down on Sites That Charge to Remove Mug Shots

According to Blogger Bill Snyder, Google is getting involved in taking down embarrassing mugshots from websites. They did this because a mugshot may be taken for any misdemeanor, regardless of guilt or innocence, and it is an inappropriate embarrassment for users. Google states posting these mugshots is a violation, but will not allow insight on … Continued