Building a Foundation
with a Baseline Assessment

Get on the road to successfully navigating your Telecom, Cloud and IT solutions.

Our Baseline Assessment provides a comprehensive view of your existing telecom,
cloud, and IT landscape, establishing a foundation for making educated financial
and technical decisions for the future. This proven 4-phase approach dives deep into
your telecom invoices, contracts, and services to identify opportunities for
cost reduction and improved lead times for implementing new services.

Get Your Assessment
Get Your Assessment

99.95% of our clients receive at least a 2x ROI from a Baseline Assessment

4-Phase Process

We know how to interpret the arcane terminology and complicated
telecom speak that are often prevalent in telecom contracts and invoices.
This knowledge helps us unmask billing errors and contractual
variations to ensure you don’t get the runaround.
Data Collection

We identify every circuit, service, and
associated contract to get a full picture of
your inventory and current contracts.

Analysis & Verification

We conduct a full audit to identify billing errors,
obsolete services, incorrect taxes or fees,
and contractual variations or invalid circuits.

Optimization & Findings Development

We request competitive quotes, renegotiate
contracts to optimize rates, and eliminate excess
services and contracts.


Upon approval, we confirm and verify
changes with carriers, and you become more profitable, competitive and efficient.

The End Result
with Baseline Assessment

The assessment concludes with a Summary of Findings, a line-by-line report that covers
every facet of your telecom operation. Our fluency in the languages of cloud, telecom,
and IT services enables us to provide you with a level of detail that is unmatched. We’ll
first save you money, but we consider it an added benefit of our true goal, which is to
develop a technology roadmap to meet your existing and future business goals.

Develop a blueprint to
build to success.

You wouldn’t build a house without a
blueprint, so why would you build a
network or migrate carriers without
knowing exactly what you have?

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